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The National Maritime Center (i.e. U.S. Coast Guard) approved the following courses. Exams taken in this course will substitute for the U.S.C.G. exams.  The OUPV course includes a 430 page Study Guide with practice questions and plotting tools.

Course Description



OUPV - Operator of Uninspected Vessel (aka "6-Pack")
The OUPV license allows you to take 6 paying passengers (thus the name "6-Pack"), plus crew, on your uninspected vessel. If you need to take more than 6 passengers, you will need a Master's license and an inspected vessel.
Topics include: Piloting, Marlinspike Seamanship, Navigation Rules, Magnetic Compass, Characteristics of Weather, Tides and Currents, Vessel Maneuvering and Handling, Small Engine Operations and Maintenance, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Emergency Procedures, Maritime Law, Shipboard Management and Training, Ships Business, Communications, and Lifesaving Appliances.

60 hours,
3 weekends,
Fri 5-9pm,
Sat/Sun 8-5:30


Master's Upgrade
The 24-hour Masters 100 Ton Upgrade provides an opportunity to those with a valid OUPV License to raise their grade to a Masters license. This license allows you to operate both inspected vessels and uninspected vessels. It is required by the USCG for any inspected vessel certified to carry more than 6 passengers for hire.
The 100-Ton Masters License is for vessels with a gross tonnage up to 100 tons. The licenses are issued according to the tonnage of the vessels on which you have gained your sea service. It is issued in these increments:  25 ton, 50 ton and 100 ton.

24 hrs,

1 weekend,
Fri, Sat, Sun 8:00 5:00


Towing Endorsement
"Every assistance towing vessel must be under the direction and control of a licensed individual authorized to engage in assistance towing under the provisions of 46 CFR 10.482."
This course covers the various aspect of assistance towing. It provides a good understanding of the topic so you can perform these duties in a safe manner.

4 hrs, TBA


Soon to be available!

Sailing Endorsement
Sailing endorsement is needed by the master of the vessel for inspected vessels or vessels in foreign waters. It is not needed for uninspected vessels in domestic waters.

4 hrs, TBA


Course fees include all course material, study guides, instruction, charts, tools, exams and a Certificate of Completion.

Discounts available for:

         Active Duty Military

         Currently enrolled college students

         Senior Citizens

Your class will be taught by:  Captain James Cook. 

Please contact us at:  Courses@3rdCoastCaptains.com or (361) 563-4226 for class schedules and payment instructions.